Memcached Installation on Windows

Memcached Installation on Windows

Here in this article ‘Memcached Installation on Windows’ we are going to see how to install Memcached on Windows.
As we know Memcached is a Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system , generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications.

Steps of Memcached installation on windows are given below

Step 1 :

  •  First of all we need to download Memcahced Installation / Service files based on the operation system bits ( Windows 32 bit OR windows 64 bit) .
  •  For Windows 32 Bit operation system, use the win32 binary version. You can download it form the here 
  •  For Windows 64 Bit operation system, use the win64 binary version. You can download it form here OR from here

Step 2 :

  •  Unzip the downloaded zip file to find the file named memcached.exe.
  • Create a folder with name memcached in any drive.Prefer the drive (C Drive) in which the operating system installed.
  •  Copy memcahced.exe file from the unziped folder to the newly created folder ( C:\memcached )

Step 3 :

Install the Memcached service. This can be done in two ways

  1. Right click on memcached.exe file and Run as administrator .
  2. Find the cmd.exe in the system, right hand click on the icon and select Run as administrator

Step 4 :

Open the command line interface and go to the folder where memcached.exe file is available.


Run the below commands to install the Memcached service and start it.

C:\memcached>memcached.exe -d install

C:\memcached>memcached.exe -d start

If you dont get any errors it means it’s worked.

If  you face some problem. It’s may shows some error like “The program can’t install because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer .“

To solve this issue you need to download the MSVCR71.dll file. You can download it from here. Download the dll and paste it inside your system 32 folder which is in C:\Windows\system32  and again go to the command prompt and follow the Step 4. Now it should not throw error.


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