Using Memcache for php

Using Memcache for PHP

This article will explain the process of using memcache for php dynamic websites. Memcache is used to implement cache mechanism using PHP. There are also many cache engines available for PHP, but using memcache for PHP will provide some additional benefits.

Memcache itself providing procedural and object oriented interface to memcached, highly effective caching daemon, which was especially designed to decrease database load in dynamic web applications.

Below are the requirements that has to be accomplished before going to explain the process of using memcache for PHP.

1) Memcache service has to be installed and started. For windows operation system read this page and for Ubuntu read this page

2) Memcache php extension is installed and enabled to run with PHP. To know installation process read this page.

Considering both Memcache service and Memcache php extension are started and working fine, here we go with Using Memcache for PHP explanation.

Here’s some sample code from site

  $memcache = new Memcache;
  $memcache->connect("localhost",11211); # You might need to set "localhost" to ""
  echo "Server's version: " . $memcache->getVersion() . "<br />\n";
  $tmp_object = new stdClass;
  $tmp_object->str_attr = "test";
  $tmp_object->int_attr = 123;
  echo "Store data in the cache (data will expire in 10 seconds)<br />\n";
  echo "Data from the cache:<br />\n";


If you have any errors, it will most likely be because the php extension didn’t run. Check the webserver error log to see if it had problems starting. The most common problem is the version of memcache.dll is not compatible with the version of php you are running.

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